Charcoal Sheet Benefits

The bamboo charcoal’s natural, inherent anti-microbial properties prevent bacterial growth and ensure freshness on all your bed sheets. The charcoal fiber’s nanoparticles not only inhibit bacterial growth, but they also prevent allergic reactions, repelling odors and polluted air particles.1 Another amazing benefit of bamboo charcoal sheets is that they absorb moisture from your body sweat without retaining the microbes and bacteria that can cause mold or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your bedding.


How It’s Made

Bamboo charcoal is woven into the actual fabric fiber threads, not applied post production, which means the bamboo charcoal properties, combined with bamboo viscose, will last as long as the sheet fabric does. The bamboo-charcoal fabric is made from sustainably grown bamboo, heated to 800°C to become bamboo charcoal, and processed into ultra-fine nano particles, which are embedded into yarn and woven into fabric.


How Charcoal Sheets Work

With 10 X more surface area and 4 X stronger absorption, bamboo charcoal’s porous tiny-hole composition uses negative ionic charges to absorb and expel odors, moisture and polluted air particles into the atmosphere. Its millions of pores can trap and store vast amounts of pollutants and other harmful substances. Charcoal adsorbs odor and pollutant particles by trapping them while air or water flows through the pores, purifying the surrounding air or water in the process.


Safe & Sustainable

Bamboo charcoal is a completely safe and natural air purifier. It does not have any kind of emissions of chemicals whatsoever. Bamboo charcoal usually contains 100 percent bamboo, a natural ingredient. They also don’t aerosolize or release chemicals or fragrances into the air, making them a safe option in homes with children and pets.


150×200, 160×210, 200×230, 220×240




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