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Can I exchange an item?


You are able to return your item if it is unused and sealed in its original packaging within 14 days of the original purchase. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the item unless of course there is a fault with your product where we will arrange the return.


A refund can take up to 14 days and this can differ depending on your bank.


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Please note we are currently experiencing a high volume of orders so there is a chance your order will arrive in multiple deliveries. If your full order doesn’t arrive within 5 working days of purchase, please contact us via email or our live chat function.


The courier should leave a card to let you know they have called with details of how to contact them to arrange a re-delivery.


Standard delivery costs £3.50 if the order value is below £50.

We would ideally wish for you to sign for your delivery, however a signature is not necessary to receive your order.



We’ve thoughtfully designed them to easily fit into standard domestic washing machines (7 kg+ capacity). We use innovative compressible fibres; allowing the duvet to squash into the drum with ease yet return to its original plump and fluffy state after the washing cycle. We recommend using an energy friendly 40°C temperature setting and without excessive amounts of detergent. Night Owl duvets are tumble dry safe, we advise using a cooler setting where possible – our Linens range can be dry and back on the bed in as little as 90 minutes and 120 minutes for our Cotton Waffle range. Alternatively, you can line dry Night Owl; either way, make sure that it is thoroughly dry before reusing to avoid fibres clumping together.


We recommend all our Night Owl duvets are washed in +7KG drums which is classed as a UK standard sized domestic washing machine.

Our duvets can be both air dried and tumble dried using a cooler setting. We always encourage a more environmentally friendly air dry which is quick and easy for our Linens range. Our Cotton Waffle range takes longer to dry due to the nature of the cotton fabric. Please ensure it is thoroughly before reusing to avoid fibres clumping together.

We currently do not offer a Super King size in our range however we are working on it!

Not all our Night Owl fabrics have the same width and therefore we are unable to offer them in the larger sizes.



You can contact us using the quick chat function at the bottom right hand side of the screen to directly speak to a member of the team. Please note we will only be available to reply between 9am-5pm (9am-3pm on Friday). Alternatively, you contact us at and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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We accept the following forms of payment – Visa, Visa Debit , Mastercard , Maestro , Paypal.

Our approved stockists can be found here


We offer a guarantee registration on all Gold, Silver and Bronze Nimbus Emporium duvets. You can register your duvet here


We are unable to take any payment over the phone due to security and fraud prevention procedures. If you are struggling to make a payment online, please contact us here.



GRS stands for Global Recycling Standard. This is the recycling, sustainability and environmentally friendly standard we have been awarded. You can read more about this here


All of our feather and down products are sourced with our down commitment in mind. We promise to always guarantee quality products, that they have been tested and verified to meet our claims and are made of responsibly and ethically sourced components. Not only that, but we promise to never incur any feather or down live plucking, that these have all been sourced as by-products of the food industry, much like leather and wool, and that these products can be fully traceable back to the source and further.

By advertising our duvets as ‘ethnically sourced’ means that we can trace the filling materials in each of our Down and Feather and Down filled products back to the farm area – ensuring that the animals involved were raised following good animal husbandry and were not subject to any cruel practices such as live plucking or force feeding. As we use animal by-products, animal welfare is something we are very mindful of. To guarantee this we only work with partners who share our stringent standards and total commitment to animal welfare. We annually audit all of our supply partners to ensure compliance. The audits are done through the independently recognised IDFL (International Down and Feather testing Laboratory).

Using silky soft fibres made out of recycled PET plastic bottles, we’ve created a new generation of luxury bedding. The fibres are transformed from the plastic bottles using a pioneering fibre-blowing technique and spun to create small individual down-like clusters which trap air in between one another to ensure insulation and warmth similar to goose down and feathers. Where normal duvet fibres are layered, the unique structure of the Smartdown® fibres means they can be blown like feather and down in to the cotton duvet casings and then sewn in a square cassette pattern to create volume and make the duvet plump and lofty.

Not only that, but the Smartdown® clusters are more durable than feather and down, so they will keep their structure and performance for longer


If you have already paid for your order, only delivery details can be amended. If you wish to amend items purchased your original order will need to be refunded and you will need to place a new order. Please contact us here, quoting your order number and the amends you wish to make. We will advise you if we are able to make the amends and if any further actions are necessary.


Our orders are processed automatically and cancellations are not always possible if the order has reached our warehouse. If you contact us here, quoting your order number we will advise you on the progress of your order and assist with your request.

We do sometimes have technical glitches where our systems don’t send confirmation emails. If you contact us here quoting your name we will be able to advise whether we have received your order.

We’re sorry you’re having issues placing your order. Please contact us here with a detailed description of your issue, as well as what device you are on (iPad/tables, mobile, desktop computer etc.) and what browser you are using (safari, internet explorer, google chrome etc.).



If you are a retailer wishing to open a trade account with us, please contact us here with details of your store. We will then make contact to discuss next steps.



Please email stating all relevant information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



A duvet’s tog rating indicates the amount of warmth it provides; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.

An adult winter duvet is usually between 10.5tog (the most popular option) and a 13.5tog, with a summer duvet around 4.5tog. It is recommended that duvets for babies and young children should be no more than 4.5tog.

Fill power was originally introduced in the manufacturing of feather filled outdoor jackets and is used as a measurement to determine weight and insulating ability of down & feather. We have removed the fill power point from the description as it isn’t necessarily applicable to natural duvets as it can be confusing and doesn’t explain the duvet specification.

Yes, both descriptions are used to detail the combination duvet option.

In The Fine Bedding Company natural range the Goose Feather & Down duvet is available in Four Seasons. If you prefer a fibre filled duvet the combination is available in Boutique Silk, Breathe and the Spundown ranges. In our Nimbus Emporium Gold, Silver and Bronzeranges the 4.5 tog and 9.0 tog are bought individually but have buttons and button holes respectively so that they can be used together as a four season (13.5 tog) luxury combination duvet.


Nimbus emporium duvets have buttons and button holes. The duvets from The Fine Bedding Company range use press studs to attach.


Synthetic means man-made fibres and natural is feather/down filling with cotton covers.

We can assure you, there is nothing wrong with your product. Natural products to tend to have a particular ‘smell’ to them, which is generally attributed to natural products. We do find that in the heat, this smell becomes stronger. This could be down to you being hot as well and potentially sweating during your sleep.

We advise regular airing of products during this time and potentially washing your products, however please read all product washing instructions before you do this!If a product is washed, please ensure that the product is completely dry before you put it back on the bed, shaking the product thoroughly to avoid clumping. Where a product can’t be washed, airing in a well ventilated room or even the garden is just as good.

In some instances, such as with pillows, these may fit in our tumble dryer. As above, please read all product washing instructions before you do this! We do not usually advise to tumble dry natural products, however in desperate situations you could potentially put your pillows in the tumble dryer on a cool, low, reduced temperature spin for a very short time with a tumble drying fragrance cloth. Please check your products repeatedly to make sure they are ok and that there is no scorching to the feathers.

Many of our products are core lines and should be in stock. However, we do from time to time discontinue our products. So if you do see a line that is out of stock and would like to enquire about availability, please contact us here.

Mattress toppers tend to be of a higher thickness than an enhancer – both add an additional layer of padding and extra comfort. They are especially good for providing extra softness to a mattress that is maybe a little too hard or for extending the life of an ageing mattress.

Please email with what hotel you stayed at and when and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have a variety of neck support products, including the Head and Neck Pillow, Dual Support Memory Foam Pillow and the Traditional Memory Foam Pillow, along with various V-shaped back support pillows. You can view the full range here.

Although our products have been designed with these particular ailments in mind, we recommend that you consult your doctor or medical professional before purchase if you are specifically using the product as a tool to reduce pain.


We have a 10 year guarantee on our Nimbus Gold, Silver and Bronze duvets and you can register your guarantee for these items here. Although we do not offer guarantees on any of our other products, we do recommend the following timescales to replace your bedding.

  • Fibre Duvets – 5 to 10 years
  • Feather Duvets – 7 to 10 years
  • Fibre Pillows – 2 to 5 years
  • Feather Pillows – 3 to 5 years
  • Memory Foam Pillows – 2 years
  • Fibre Toppers – 2 to 3 years
  • Feather Toppers – 2 to 3 years
  • Fibre Enhancers – 3 to 5 years
  • Feather Enhancers – 3 to 5 years
  • Protectors – 10 years

These are only recommended lifespans of our products. We recommend regular maintenance, such as airing and cleaning for optimum results. Details of how to care for your product will be affixed to your product.

Choosing the firmness of your pillow depends on what position you sleep in.

Soft – If you sleep on your front

Medium – If you sleep on your back

Firm – If you sleep on your side

Shop our full pillow range here.

Clusterfull mattress topper– 5cm depth with 35cm straps

Dual Layer Topper – 8cm depth with 35 cm straps

Spundown Enhancer – 3cm depth with 35cm straps

All mattress protectors have a 35cm jersey skirt

Modal is a natural fibre derived from wood pulp, which is very soft and breathable. It’s used in fabrics and fillings mixed with cotton or polyester to provide softness or temperature and moisture regulation. You can find modal in our Breathe range.

Hungarian goose feather and down is one of the highest grades of feather currently on the market. They are graded so highly due to their softness, warmth and durability, meaning that they will keep their luxury properties for longer, drape beautifully on the bed and will keep you warm and cosy. We pride ourselves on our ability to guarantee that all our natural filled products are made to the highest quality, using responsibly sourced fillings. We sustainably and responsibly source all of our natural down and feather fill.

Fire & Furnishing Regulations only apply to pillows and toppers and all our pillows and toppers comply with Fire & Furnishing Regulations. If it doesn’t pass the test, then we won’t sell it to you.

All of our products can fit into a standard washing machine (7 kg), however for best results we recommend washing larger togs and sizes in a large capacity machine (10 kg). Larger togs and sizes are 10.5 tog super king, 13.5 tog king & super king.

If you have already purchased your product the washing instructions are printed on the sewn in sash label. All washing instructions are also listed on our website on the product information page. PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE PRODUCT LABEL BEFORE YOU WASH OR LAUNDER YOUR PRODUCTS.

Generally speaking, we recommend any synthetic duvet that has been washed to be air dried thoroughly to ensure the filling is completely dry. To ensure the synthetic duvet or pillow is completely dry, we would suggest weighing the product before and after you wash and dry the item – if the product is heavier after drying, this implies there’s still water in the product and has therefore not been dried thoroughly. PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE PRODUCT LABEL BEFORE YOU WASH OR LAUNDER YOUR PRODUCTS.

We source our materials worldwide and we select our suppliers carefully with careful consideration taking to working conditions. We are members of Sedex – the supplier ethical data exchange and all our tier 1 suppliers are audited annually by third parties to ensure compliance.

Young children cannot regulate their body temperature like adults, which means that they would be warmer under the same duvet than an adult. It is recommended that children 12+ months sleep under no more than a 4.0 tog duvet. Please do not use a duvet for children less than 12 months old to prevent risk of overheating.

We don’t recommend that children under the age of 12 months sleep with a pillow due to the risk of suffocation. Children between the ages of 12 months and two years should sleep with a small, lightly filled pillow to prevent neck strain.

To keep cool in the evening we recommend using a lower tog and selecting a duvet with a breathable fabric or filling which can be washed frequently to be kept fresh. Our Breathe duvet contains modal and can help temperature regulate, search for it in our duvet section.


Because of our specially designed siliconised fibres, our duvets will scrunch down quite small. We recommend that a standard 7kg washing machine will fit our king size duvet or smaller, while 5kg will fit a double or single in. You can see a guide on how to wash your duvet here. PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE PRODUCT LABEL BEFORE YOU WASH OR LAUNDER YOUR PRODUCTS.


Many of our promotions cannot be used on discounted or clearance products, this includes any product where was/now price is present. There may be a time where our promotion disregards this rule and promotion codes can be used on these products, this will be clearly communicated as part of the promotion messaging and within the terms and conditions.

Please check the promotional terms and conditions to make sure the promotion hasn’t ended and that the promo code has not expired. If you still think that there might be an issue, please contact us here.

The minimum spend must be £60 in order to validate the discount.